Everybody has emberssaing stories but are your like these?

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Ok, well I was getting back from the river and was home alone because my parents went shopping. I went into my house and it was freezing, so I took off my bikini cause I was freezing and my parents don't like me getting everthing all wet.

So, I walked through my house naked to my room but as I was looking for my undies and bra I realized my parents had left the window open. My neighbor Gary, who goes to my school, saw me completely naked. With my underwear in my hand I ran over to the window to pull the blinds down. The next day Gary showed everybody at school a picture of my butt and an underwear  in my hand!!


I Hate Leotards!

When I was about 6 I started gymnastics. One day I forgot my leotard so I had to borrow one from the gym. Since this wasn't my regular leotard I accidentally put it on backwards. However, that wasn't the bad part. When I went on my coach started yelling in Russian about something and suddenly she just took my leotard off in front of everyone (including the boys class), and made me put it on the right way. I was mortified and switched gyms.   It was just my bad luck that the same teacher moved to my present gym. I got lucky cause she is not teacher anymore!


                                                    Two time sally

i was sitting in class one day when i had a really weird feeling in my stomach so i came up to say my speech and out of nowhere a really squekky and very loud farrt came out and the whole class started cracking up including my crush and worst part was when finally they stoped luaghing i accidently farted agian and for the whole year everyone called me 2 time sally


                                               Diving with nothing

My 6th grade class and i went swimming and my swimsuit which i havent worn for like a year was too tight i was afraid it was gonna rip so my teacher gave me a blue swimsuit and it was really baggy but i didnt care so i went diving and when i came back up my whole swimsuit was off  thats not the worst part i ran butt naked into my guy teacher this day sucked from now on i never dive lol.


                                  swimming with my freind

Hey girlys this story is not what happend to me but to my freind marina so if your reading this sorry .

Me and marina went swimming one day and my freind marina jumped up from the water and stood up and her whole top was down i kept yelling but she misunderstood after 5 mins she finally relized and not only that a bunch of boys our age saw her ahhhhhh.

                                                             from anastasia owner of this site

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