Hello girlys  this page  is just for you !!! We are going to talk hairdos , clothes  and more!!

Lets talk hair!!

75% of girls hate their hair but why its beatiful the way it is .....

number one problem is straighteners  ok lets face it straighteners are bad for you!! They damage your hair by drying it up and burning it up so heres the solution ....

How to straighten your hair naturally !!

buy  a shampoo espacially for straight hair and mousse then take  a shower and dry with blowdryer  or comb till dry and ta da naturally looking staright hair!!!


curly hair without heat

 After taking a shower DO NOT BRUSH HAIR  get a rubber band and tie in bun and go to sleep and ta da !! then put sprays do make them pretty!!

Love crimping hate heat?

you wanna naturally crimp your hair so first put in braids all the way to the end dont tie jsut hairspray ends to hold then undo and beatiful crimped hair:)

                     PIMPLES an image of what happens



latest trends for shoes

converse                    flats


Why boys suck and girls rock!!

1.we have to wear high heels

2. skirts , dresses

3.pms (period)

4.giving birth

5.have to look pretty


Real people asked this questions below and I answered if you have a question please report it on the chat page or email me at anasazonova@yahoo.com

1. HELP!! im 14 years old and my mom dresses me up still in clothes like hippy no offense well and all my freinds make fun of me help!!

Well I think what you should do is tell your mom how you feel tell her nicely "mom i think i should dress how i feel like and plus everybody makes fun of me and plus i never get to express my style" then hug her and say mom this style suits you the best and rember to smile. 








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