Hello girlys time talk about school and school promblems the number 1# promblem in schools are bullies 

How to deal with bullies:

If a bully starts bulling you try to ignore and if they wont go away then you go away and if they follow you tell an adult (only if you have to telling makes matters worse unless your being threatened)

if you see someone being bullied you grab a couple of freinds and take the bullied person and walk away with them

Do not fight

fighting cuases bigger promblems for you!!




you might have alot of freinds or maybe 3 -4 or none!!

its better to have more freinds beacuse you can always rely on them!!

i have lots of freinds and one bff its great beacuse we can all share secrets

but unlike me some people dont have freinds so what ? make freinds

how to make freinds

1.act kind and be nice to everyone

2.compliment someone on how they look , dress, talk etc.

3. dont be shy there people just like you!!


                 Read this posts that real  people asked and i answered if you have a question email me at anasazonova@yahoo.com

        1.   My teacher gave me an f and my parents are gonna kill me if they found out  what should i do?  Well first of all go talk to the teacher and ask how come i got an  f and ask how can i improve it? Now the toughest part your parents what you do is tell them before the teacher or report card does and explain why and promise youll do better trust me this always works.

 2. My mom works at the same school i go to and she treats me extra special and all the kids make fun of me how do i tell her to stop without hurting her feellings?Well first of all talk to her tell her mom i feel uncomftarble  with your behavoir can you PLEASE stop and after you agree on something give her a huge hug just show her you care.


3.At  school im being bullied by this popular girl she knocks down my tray and once spilled milk on me i get mad and i dont know what to do?Well first of all when you see her just try to avoid her but if she comes to you get a group of kids that will stand up for you!! NEVER TELL UNLESS IT GETS OUT OF CONTROL never tell unless your being thretend hurt or violated in any other way telling makes matter worse.


4.my mom bought me a pair of glasses and i look weird in them what should i do? ok this is an easy question i used to wear glassess too at first i avioded them for a year but then i realized i needed them to see and i got confident enough and i didnt feel weird and nobody made fun of me so dont worry but then i conviced my mom to buy me contacts beacuse my glasses always break lol :)





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