Every girl has a secret .......and today im here to share mine with you but dont tell rember its a secret 

My first secret is food thats right food now how you ever been over a freinds house or anybodys house for that matter and they served you a dish wich you tried and hated what are you going to do ? you cant confess theyll feel bad so heres my secret Have you ever been sick that your nose cant breath? well thats what you do you plug your nose WITHOUT HOLDING IT like a fake cold and eat .theres no taste so you enjoy the meal and you freind , reltive etc is also happy.

                                Spaghetti, Meatballs and Marinara Italian Food on a Plate Clipart                


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Omg thank you sooo much this really works please write more suggetsions:)



wow this works any more advice



ooo looks yummy lol by the way  thanks it really helped

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