Hello girlys do you know why i made this page ? beacuse one night i was having a sleep over with my bff and we were so exited but we had nothing to do so i made this page so you can have some fun !!! please read the list below to get some exting and thrilling ideas.

1.warch a movie . pop some  popcorn get some soft drinks and of course ice cream and candy and hit back with some fav movies enjoy.


2.read some stories cuddle up and read some funny , romantic or my favorite scary stories or for fun make up our own the best story told is the one in your head thats what me and my freinds  do its soo fun!!!


3. prank call (please no threats ) prank calling is so much fun but make sure you dial *67 before calling and if your goign to prank call a food place please try not to order food beacuse they already have alot piled up.



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